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24.04 - 30.09 2022  on view in Amersfoort

The snake that bites its own tale is an ancient alchemic symbol, an image of infinity; continually devouring itself and being reborn from itself. It symbolizes unity of all things, both worldly and spiritually. The cyclic time as a repeating and yet changing process - like the seasons, tides, the phases of the moon - presents a comforting alternative on the frenzied time management of life in todays society. Traditionally the snake (or dragon) is associated with water, and many rivers and lakes have serpent gods or protectors. The path the water takes is habitual yet fluent, continually in motion and thus never the same.

Ouroborus (2022) is a commissioned work made for the Kunstvaarroute in Amersfoort, playing with the reflection of the water and the circular shape that the canals draw in the city.

BTW NL002293423B90 | KVK 75565935