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I think of my paintings as a colorful garden, depicting the wild and dynamic summer fields of wildflowers, withering sunflowers in autumn, or a winter’s soil preparing for new life. By layering the paint and repeating procedures, the work captures a longer duration of time. In that way I can depict opposites in one painting, like growing and wilting - life and death, for it is part of the same story; the same cycles.

Since march 2020 the garden has grown to be a strong motive in my paintings. The realization that both nature’s cycles on the one hand and the influence of the gardener on the other have an equal impact intrigues me. Both are the foundation of a beauty that only a garden evokes, enclosing a cultivated lushness. For each painting I repeat my mantra over again - making the journey back and forth, adding and erasing - which manifests as an allegory of a garden. In my studio I surround myself with my paintings that give substance to the wonder of the trees, the flowers and the animals.

BTW NL002293423B90 | KVK 75565935