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sharing the harvest 

28 - 29 augustus 2022, Plateaukunst, Wolfshuis

August is the month of the harvest: lushious plants, baskets full of vegetables, flowers in all colours and sizes. Traditionally, the hight of the harvest season was celebrated together with family, villages, or friends, and that moment people acknowledged the fields, the rain, and the earth for their harvest and their good fortune. 

While my labyrinth garden has been growing beautifully, sharing it’s harvest became a necessary thing to do. During Plateaukunst (Wanda Reiff), the possiblity came along to share my harvest with many people at the same time. Inviting people to take part and eat from the table was both an intimate and weirdly challenging first encounter. The result being that meaningless pleasantries were passed as soon as people took the opportunity and ate the food. Traces of those encounters are in the conversations and memories, but can also be found in the linen cloth that bears the literal marks of the movement at the table in the colours of the table. Cherishing those memories, I will try to capture that essence on top of the existing traces on the linen by bringing it back to my studio and start painting. 

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