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summer solstice - 21.06.2022

During the Summer Soltice I shared the harvest from the labyrinth garden. Next to the labyrint a table was set, covered in linen, and in the days before the event I prepared the harvest into different dishes to create a variety of textures, tastes and colours on the table. The people I invited to sit at my table and share the food became part of somthing bigger; the traces, conversations, and encounters are all caught on the linen cloth, which I will take with me to the studio to continue painting. The table and the people at it became - quite literally - the transitional fase between the garden and the painting.  

The edible labyrinth garden at the monastery of Hoogcruts growed into a lushious abundance over the course of spring and summer. From that derived the need to share the harvest in a way that it substantively behaves as a condition for a work. The table becomes the canvas on which the food is shared, which is where the ‘work’ takes place. Wisps of conversation, traces of liquids across the linnen, colours from the garden, seasonal tastes. Sharing the harvest is something bigger than getting together and eating the same food. Ever since people work the land the year has been marked by rituals that celebrate natures cycles.

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